High Speed Steel  

The term `high speed steel' was derived from the fact that it is capable of cutting metal at a much higher rate than carbon tool steel and continues to cut and retain its hardness even when the point of the tool is heated to a low red temperature.

  Hot Die Steel  

The most common application areas in hot work are die casting, extrusion and forging. The high working temperatures put very high demands on the tool steel. The properties' profile of material used for hot work should include an excellent hot strength as well as a very good ductility and toughness.

  Plastic Mould Steel  

Plastic mould steels are used for injection moulding, compression/transfer moulding, blow moulding and plastic extrusion. plastic mould steel contain grades with different combinations of :High surfaces finish ,Corrosion resistance Wear resistance ,High thermal conductivity ,Good surface finish after EDM or photoetchin.

  Cold Work Tool Steel  

A cold work tool steel  will contain grades with different combinations of: Wear resistance, resistance to plastic deformation ,Chipping resistance ,Total cracking resistance Good machinability and grind ability.

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